HR Career Tool

The HR Career Tool is a useful tool for employers, HR departments or executives who are looking for a specific tool to monitor a sustainable career policy for their employees.
The tool consists of several modules that can be used independently of each other:

Welcome Policy

With this tool, you can work out or monitor the welcome process of your new employees. The tool consists of checklists and documents that provide a structural reception policy.

Competence Policy and Performance Cycle (including PDP : personal development plan)

This tool enables you to create a job profile for all staff members, consisting of a task- and competence list.
From this job profile you can distill a personal development plan that can be used as the foundation for future performance reviews. The PDP, the reports of the performance appraisal and the evaluation reports are made available by the system in the form of a PDF file.

Training Policy

Allows you to plan and follow up the training schedule and the training level for your staff. The system can also provide a training matrix of your entire personnel group or particular teams.

This tool has been created with the support of the European Erasmus + program.